Lose 9 lbs. Every 11 days

In a calorie shifting diet plan, we are playing a trick. It is a trick to fool our body is that we are not starving. Subsequently, our body will raise the metabolic procedure to burn more calories. Most of these calories come from fat as fat is the highest source of energy.

It is, by far, the easiest way to lose weight. You are not required to do any vigorous exercises (although couple of minutes of brisk walking and light aerobic exercises once in a while is recommended). You can take four major meals a day. Your body will be given different types of calories each day which confuses your metabolism and forces FASTER fat loss to happen. It's really possible to change your body over the NEXT 11 DAYS.

Sounds unbelievable? Learn more about calorie shifting!

If you are thinking of a way to lose weight then I guess you have heard about the calorie shifting diet. Many people are trying this diet lose weight but the question that arises is does it work and what is it?

Some diet regimes are not suitable for everyone but I have never heard the calorie shifting diet failing for anyone. The diet claims that you are able to lose 9 pounds within 11 days. This diet talks about shifting calories. Generally shifting calories means that you induce calories from different type of food groups. This method confuses our metabolism and makes it react in a crazy way.

Metabolism is the breakdown, absorption and burning of nutrients in our body. So basically our metabolism will calculate the amount of fat that has to be released depending on the latest diet. Generally the amount of calories you induce per day will trigger your metabolism to act in a different manner. So this diet is all about attacking your metabolism.

Calorie shifting diet increases your metabolism by burning excess fats due to the food you consume. Therefore you will have to be changing the type of food you eat on a daily basis and most of all with this diet you do not need to starve yourself.

In order to loss weight rapidly you should follow the calories shifting meal plan that allows you to have 4 meals per day and they can be induced with out any predetermined order. All meals have to be taken after every 2.5 to 3 hrs and you have to eat until you satisfied.

Calorie shifting is better than compared to other diet regimes and this method will certainly ensure you that you will lose weight after the diet. This diet does not restrict the necessary nutrients in your body because they are also vital for your health.

Definitely if you are thinking of going on a diet you should consider trying the calorie shifting weight loss method. This is one of the best diets available today and it will not make you crave for any other food types. All essential diet ingredients will be used and these are fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates and proteins. So definitely I would edge you to try this method and you will eventually lose weight. With this method you will be able to plan your own meals and also calculate your daily requirements.

With this diet you should induce processed foods, fresh groceries and prepare you own meals. Therefore this diet does not encourage you to eat take junk foods. This also helps you to avoid hyper energy foods like the ready made meals, hamburgers and so on.

With the calories shifting weight loss diet you are certainly assured that if this diet is followed properly you will eventually achieve great results of rapid weight loss. Many people have tried it and it has worked well for them so definitely it will also work for you.

Obesity has become the most killer disease throughout the world. It does not kill patients directly, but the consequences of obesity are our main concern. Obesity is the predisposing factor for high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, anxiety and depression, hormonal dysfunction besides many others. Therefore, weight loss program is one of the popular issues under discussion. Most of the weight loss program depends upon exercise and diet restriction. Some of the regimens even tell you to starve as long as you are on the weight loss protocol. But, scientists have recently discovered that you don’t really have to starve. Rather you can have all the foods you want. The technique is called ‘calorie shifting’.

The method of calorie shifting depends upon changing the amount of calories that you get from foods. When you cut down the amount of foods, your body can recognize it and slows down all the metabolic processes. Thus loss of calorie also decelerates and fat starts accumulating. This is a normal phenomenon. In calorie shifting regimen, you try to ‘fool’ this process of recognition. When you are changing the amount of calorie you are taking, your system realizes that you are not in a hungry state. Thus the progression of calorie burning goes on. As fat is the main source of energy in our body than carbohydrate and protein, burning of fat is more. Thus you lose weight.

First of all, you need to set up a baseline that you will require to maintain your daily works. Suppose you set the limit to 2500 calorie a day. Your body familiarizes all its systems to this amount of calorie. In calorie shifting diet, you will be required to up-shift the amount for 2-3 days and again down-shift it for consecutive 3-4 days.Your body will not quickly accustom itself to this constantly changing calorie. It will think that you are having much calorie than your required amount and the fat burning goes on.

Calorie shifting is, by far, the easiest and most scientific way to lose weight. You are not required to engage in any kind of vigorous exercises; neither will you lose those delicious foods. Only thing you require is foods from different groups and to calculate and vary the amount of calorie you are taking.

In the weight loss industry, shifting calories program is the latest and most scientific buzz nowadays. During earlier days, in any weight loss regimen, you were told to cut down fat, carbs or protein in order to shed the extra weight. But this concept is changing at present and changing very rapidly. When you require all those nutrients to keep your good health, reducing the amount of calories will severely affect the body’s own system. Shifting calories method tells you not to bring down the amount of food you take, but to have food more rationally. Let us discuss how it helps to lose weight.

When you starve or reduce the amount of food, your body slows down all its metabolic processes. Thus the oxdidative phosphorylation (the process by which energy is generated in our body) is also reduced. By this procedure, fat is converted into ATP (the source of energy). In shifting calories method, you play a trick to your body’s own system.

Shifting calories is nothing but constantly rotating the amount of calories you are taking. All you need is to set up a baseline calorie input for your body and continue to take food for some time. Your body will adjust itself to this amount of calorie. Then you will increase the amount of calories for 2-3 days. Now your system will recognize it as an over calorie state and the metabolic process of calorie burning will hasten. Then you will lower down the calorie intake for 5-6 days. As your body continues to burn fat at the higher pace, you will eventually lose weight.

You are not required to cut down any food, not even the burgers, pastries and chocolates. You will be advised to take four major meals and occasional light snacks, tea or coffee. Only thing you must remember that the total amount from each meal should be different.

You are not advised to join a multi-gym or a crash course on exercises. Only occasional brisk walking is more than sufficient in losing weight by shifting calories.

Now still if you are thinking whether it will work for you or not, let me tell you that over 50 million people worldwide have undertaken this shifting calories method and more than 95% are satisfied with the outcome.