Lose 9 lbs. Every 11 days

In a calorie shifting diet plan, we are playing a trick. It is a trick to fool our body is that we are not starving. Subsequently, our body will raise the metabolic procedure to burn more calories. Most of these calories come from fat as fat is the highest source of energy.

It is, by far, the easiest way to lose weight. You are not required to do any vigorous exercises (although couple of minutes of brisk walking and light aerobic exercises once in a while is recommended). You can take four major meals a day. Your body will be given different types of calories each day which confuses your metabolism and forces FASTER fat loss to happen. It's really possible to change your body over the NEXT 11 DAYS.

Sounds unbelievable? Learn more about calorie shifting!

If you are thinking of a way to lose weight then I guess you have heard about the calorie shifting diet. Many people are trying this diet lose weight but the question that arises is does it work and what is it?

Some diet regimes are not suitable for everyone but I have never heard the calorie shifting diet failing for anyone. The diet claims that you are able to lose 9 pounds within 11 days. This diet talks about shifting calories. Generally shifting calories means that you induce calories from different type of food groups. This method confuses our metabolism and makes it react in a crazy way.

Metabolism is the breakdown, absorption and burning of nutrients in our body. So basically our metabolism will calculate the amount of fat that has to be released depending on the latest diet. Generally the amount of calories you induce per day will trigger your metabolism to act in a different manner. So this diet is all about attacking your metabolism.

Calorie shifting diet increases your metabolism by burning excess fats due to the food you consume. Therefore you will have to be changing the type of food you eat on a daily basis and most of all with this diet you do not need to starve yourself.

In order to loss weight rapidly you should follow the calories shifting meal plan that allows you to have 4 meals per day and they can be induced with out any predetermined order. All meals have to be taken after every 2.5 to 3 hrs and you have to eat until you satisfied.

Calorie shifting is better than compared to other diet regimes and this method will certainly ensure you that you will lose weight after the diet. This diet does not restrict the necessary nutrients in your body because they are also vital for your health.

Definitely if you are thinking of going on a diet you should consider trying the calorie shifting weight loss method. This is one of the best diets available today and it will not make you crave for any other food types. All essential diet ingredients will be used and these are fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates and proteins. So definitely I would edge you to try this method and you will eventually lose weight. With this method you will be able to plan your own meals and also calculate your daily requirements.

With this diet you should induce processed foods, fresh groceries and prepare you own meals. Therefore this diet does not encourage you to eat take junk foods. This also helps you to avoid hyper energy foods like the ready made meals, hamburgers and so on.

With the calories shifting weight loss diet you are certainly assured that if this diet is followed properly you will eventually achieve great results of rapid weight loss. Many people have tried it and it has worked well for them so definitely it will also work for you.

Calorie Shifting Theory

This diet has become so popular and it has taken many peoples interest and attention. This theory has nothing new at all, athletes and body builders have been using it for years and the term they use is “zigzag diet” or “calorie cycling”.

Bodybuilders make use of it so as to lose weight they twist the calorie shifting theory in order for them to lose weight. In this theory all that is needed for you in order to lose weight is to shift the amount of calories that you induce per day. It does not recommend you to consume any type of food or do any particular exercise or limit yourself to anything. There is also a cheat day were you can take a break and eat what ever you feel like.

The calorie shifting theory allows us to take control of our metabolism. Metabolism is the breakdown, absorption and burning of nutrients in our body. The calorie shifting diet makes our metabolism act like crazy. In this diet our metabolism will listen to the foods that we consume and it will act according to the food that you will consume today. Basically the calorie shifting theory deals with our metabolism indirectly. With a bit of change in the calories we induce we can make our metabolism act like crazy and the result will be rapid weight lose.

This theory has taken the world by storm because it’s healthier than compared to other diet regimes available. With this theory you are able to eat more calories than compared to other diets and you will still lose weight rapidly.

The important factor about this diet is that it does not give you a predetermined order on how you should eat your meals. You are able to have your meals in any order and it recommends you to have 4 meals per day. These meals have to be consumed after every 2-3 hrs per day and you should eat until you are satisfied. You are able to eat as much food as you wish from the four food diet groups. The requirement is for you to group your calories together in a pattern so that it becomes helpful for rapid fat loss.

You do not have to deal with social worries nor do you have to tell everyone that you are on a diet. With the calorie shifting method you can eat what ever you like so generally nobody will know. There is no restriction at all to what you should eat.

The calorie shifting diet has actually made several people achieve their great goal in losing weight. There are several calorie shifting diets that are available and you are able to get this online via several websites on calorie shifting diet. This type of diet has actually drawn many peoples’ attention and it is quite flexible due to the fact that you do not have to limit your food intake, you also don’t have to starve or restrict yourself to the foods you induce.

What is Calorie Shifting

Calorie shifting - this newer approach towards successful weight loss has changed the way we were used to reduce our weight. No crash dieting is required, not even any kind of exercise regimen. You will continue to lose weight as long as you want. No physical labor is involved. Sounds good? Then let us discuss what is calorie shifting and how it works.

Calorie shifting is basically to ‘fool’ your system of metabolism. Normally, your body slows down its metabolic processes to save energy in case you reduce your calorie intake or go on fasting. Thus energy burning in the form of fat is also reduced. In calorie shifting, you will take foods of approximately the same amount for a couple of weeks. This will make your system accustomed to a certain level of calorie. Now you will have to up-shift the calorie intake for 2-3 days. Your body takes it as a high calorie state and increase the pace of all the metabolic reactions. This is done to maintain the calorie homeostasis inside your body. Now you play the real trick. You will suddenly drop this extra calorie and go to the normal calorie intake level. Your body will not be able to judge this rapid shift in calorie inputs and continue to burn in high pace. Thus, instead of eating a balanced and normal diet, you will go on losing weight. You can cycle this up-shift and down-shift as long as you want to lose weight. By adopting calorie shifting, you can lose up to 11 pounds in just 2 weeks time.

Four meals in a day is the recommended schedule in calorie shifting. Your food will come from all the food groups in the food pyramid. Tea time snacks are allowed. You must take plenty of water as long as you are continuing calorie shifting.

There is no need to go for an extensive exercise schedule. Occasional brisk walking and light jogging are more than sufficient.

I hope now you have an idea about what is calorie shifting. Calorie shifting can change the way we were talking weight loss techniques. Numerous people around the world have seen its magical effects. You want to miss this charm?

Calorie shift diet is making a lot of buzz these days. It is a revolutionary approach towards successful weight loss. It involves our own system of metabolism to continue the comprehensive reduction in weight. Earlier, it was told that we need to control our diet drastically. Even some of the regimen would advocate for starvation. But these theories are things of the past now. This novel diet regimen does not require any kind of dieting; neither has it recommended any vigorous exercise program. In this calorie shift diet review, we shall try to understand how it works.

While we are starving or reducing the amount of food we take, all the metabolic processes go on at a slower pace. Our diet is comprised of different types of carbohydrates, fat, protein, minerals and vitamins. All these nutrients are much needed to build our body. In case of starvation, the calorie burning process also becomes slow. As fat gives us the major portion of energy, burning of fat becomes severely affected.

In calorie shift diet plan, we try to deceive this metabolic process. First of all, we have to build a baseline calorie value. Our system will recognize it. Then we have to increase the amount of calorie intake for 2-3 days. The system will intervene soon identifying it as a high calorie state for our body. All the metabolic process will speed up and there will be increased fat burning. Just after these, we have to reduce the amount of calorie intake for 5-6 days. As our body cannot slow down its mechanism so quickly, the process of calorie burning goes on. Thus we can make a huge reduction in weight.

In a calorie shift, we don’t require to cut down our diet. We are free to take any kind of food that we may desire. We have to take four major meals a day, but only thing we have to remember that the amount of calorie from each meal should be different.

The concept of calorie shift really works. You will find thousands of calorie shift diet reviews both in the online and offline form. The decision you can make afterwards.