In the weight loss industry, shifting calories program is the latest and most scientific buzz nowadays. During earlier days, in any weight loss regimen, you were told to cut down fat, carbs or protein in order to shed the extra weight. But this concept is changing at present and changing very rapidly. When you require all those nutrients to keep your good health, reducing the amount of calories will severely affect the body’s own system. Shifting calories method tells you not to bring down the amount of food you take, but to have food more rationally. Let us discuss how it helps to lose weight.

When you starve or reduce the amount of food, your body slows down all its metabolic processes. Thus the oxdidative phosphorylation (the process by which energy is generated in our body) is also reduced. By this procedure, fat is converted into ATP (the source of energy). In shifting calories method, you play a trick to your body’s own system.

Shifting calories is nothing but constantly rotating the amount of calories you are taking. All you need is to set up a baseline calorie input for your body and continue to take food for some time. Your body will adjust itself to this amount of calorie. Then you will increase the amount of calories for 2-3 days. Now your system will recognize it as an over calorie state and the metabolic process of calorie burning will hasten. Then you will lower down the calorie intake for 5-6 days. As your body continues to burn fat at the higher pace, you will eventually lose weight.

You are not required to cut down any food, not even the burgers, pastries and chocolates. You will be advised to take four major meals and occasional light snacks, tea or coffee. Only thing you must remember that the total amount from each meal should be different.

You are not advised to join a multi-gym or a crash course on exercises. Only occasional brisk walking is more than sufficient in losing weight by shifting calories.

Now still if you are thinking whether it will work for you or not, let me tell you that over 50 million people worldwide have undertaken this shifting calories method and more than 95% are satisfied with the outcome.

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