When you have reached into this page, you must have heard about shifting calorie diet by now. It is a modern way to lose weight without having going through the rigorous process of low calorie diet or any extensive weight reduction exercise protocol. In calorie shifting diet, you will be advocated to take as much calorie as you want. The days are gone when you were told to cut down your daily intake of food to lose weight. Some of the diet regimen even advocated starvation for a certain period of time. With shifting calorie diet, you will be losing weight without this process.

Let me clear your doubt. Shifting calorie diet works in a different way. You must have noticed that during a low calorie diet regimen, you can shed extra weight in the initial phase. But after some time, it does not work as it should have been. This is due to the normal metabolic process of our body. As you eat less, all the metabolic processes (by which the calorie is burnt to produce energy) slow down. Our body does so save energy for future use. Thus you will see a plateau phase in the weight loss curve.

In shifting calorie diet, you will set a baseline calorie intake by taking foods of almost the same calorie value for a short period of time. Then you will be increasing the amount of foods (up-shifting) on a daily basis for 2-3 days. You must take 4 major meals a day during this period. Your body will count it as high calorie state and will burn calorie in a supercharged mode. Suddenly, you will have to decrease the calorie intake (down-shift) and return to the normal level. Your body will not be able to adjust its mechanism so fast and will continue to burn calories in the accelerated pace. Thus you play a trick to your own body mechanism to shed those extra pounds.

Although, it is not required to do any kind of exercises when you are on shifting calorie diet plan, moderate exercises like brisk walking, jogging and swimming are always better for your health.

Millions of people around the world have succeeded in effective reduction of weight by shifting calorie diet, do you want to be the next person?

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