If you are a fitness freak, you must have heard about calorie shifting by now. It is the most modern and most scientific dieting technique to lose weight. Calorie shifting is faster and safer way to lose those extra pounds that you don’t require. Neither you have to cut down your regular meal, nor are you required to go for an extensive workout program. Apart from some fast foods and junk foods, you are allowed to take any kind of foodstuff that is dearer to your tongue. And what is most important that you can lose up to 10 or more kilos within a short span of 2 weeks. Isn’t calorie shifting amazing?

Now let us know how calorie shifting is planned. You will be asked to take four meals in a day. Each meal should be full course. There must be commendable gap in between meals. And in between meals, you are not allowed to take any snacks, not even a cup of milk. Only thing you can take is measured amount of water and occasional black tea or coffee. Every meal must have definite calorie values, and they should be different.

When you go on starving, your body tries to preserve as much of energy as it can. The metabolic process is slowed down and less amount of fat is burnt during daily activities. This is a normal phenomenon. But in calorie shifting, you will try to fool this system. You will tell that you are not in a state of starvation. Thus the normal process of fat burning will continue. As you are having meals of different calorie value, it will stimulate a reflex action that is helpful to burn more calories. As fat is the main source of energy rather than carbohydrate and protein, more burning of fat takes place.

Drinking plenty of water (at least 2.5 to 3 liters) in a day will help you to flush out extra calorie through kidney and sweat. It will also potentiate the metabolic process.
We have a misconception that eating eventually leads to putting on weight and most of us will throw this idea of calorie shifting. But if you try this procedure, you will lose weight without much hazard.

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