When you have landed in this page, you must have been familiar with the term ‘calorie shift diet’. It is the latest buzz in weight loss industry. You were told earlier that losing weight means stay away from those delicious meals and doing much exercise beyond your capacity. But things are not embarrassing so long. Calorie shift diet regimen has changed the whole scenario. If you engage yourself in this diet plan, you will definitely lose considerable amount of weight without doing much. It is a safe, fast and scientific approach that has been tried to keep away from the people around the world by the giants of weight loss industry. They feared to lose millions from bogus weight loss pills and exercise programs.

When you are on fasting, all the metabolic processes hold back considerably. It slows down the oxidative phosphorylation reaction (by which process the ATP is formed from the fat and other nutrients) as well. Due to all these, normal fat burning process is tremendously affected and you cannot lose weight as you should.
Calorie shift diet works by constantly changing the amount of calorie you take from each of the main meals. According to this diet regimen, you will increase the calorie intake from the usual amount. As you do so, the controlling system of your body’s metabolic processes gears up. They burn calories faster than the normal rate. Now when you abruptly reduce the intake of calorie, your body cannot cope up its mechanism to this rapid change and continues burning fat at the faster pace. Thus, you can lose weight considerably without doing much.

You don’t require much dieting; neither to adopt any vigorous exercise schedule. Once in a while brisk walking or light jogging is although recommended for rapid weight loss. You should take four major meals. Only thing that requires your attention is the amount of calorie you are getting from each meal. You must alter this amount to be benefitted maximally. You can have any kind of food, but these should come from all the groups of food pyramid.

Calorie shifting diet is not like other weight loss diet regimens. You can lose much weight by adopting this popular diet program.

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