It seems that you are a weight loss freak and continuously searching for newer methods to lose those love handles. I can figure out this as you have landed in this page. Many people do not know about this superb approach towards effortless weight loss program. You do not have to starve even to cut down any item from your taste buds. Even more, you can have those burgers from Big Mac or Subway. There is no need to adopt any exercise regimen.

In the days of the past, you were adopting a weight loss regimen that was based on cutting down your food intake. The understanding was ‘if you give fewer calories to your body, your body will burn more to maintain the normal level of working’. But scientists have researched this matter under microscope and found some amazing facts. They observed that when you go on starving, the metabolic processes are also being reduced. In the beginning, you will see a considerable reduction in weigh. But as the days progress, your body will burn less calories to conserve more for future use. Thus the weight reduction graph reaches a plateau at some part of time. You cannot be able to lose more pounds even you are trying hard.

In calorie shifting weight loss regimen, you are fooling your own system for good. This system tells you to eat as much as foods you want for 2-3 days. In turn, your body calculates that you are eating more calories than you actually require. It then goes on a supercharged mode and burns fat and other nutrients to maintain a homeostasis. Now you will have to cut down the intake of food a bit. Your system cannot realize this rapid shift so quickly and continues on supercharged mode. Thus a comprehensive weight loss is achieved.

Again you will be having four meals a day and occasional tea or coffee. Intake of plenty of water is recommended to wash out toxins that may be produced during the process. Although not essential, brisk walking once in a while will give you better result. Light exercise is better for your heart also.
Calorie shifting weight loss really works. Millions of people around the world have undertaken this program and more than 95% have expressed faith upon it. Now it’s your turn to move with the mass.

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