If you are thinking of losing weight you should try calorie shifting to lose weight and this will certainly work effectively for you. Compared to other diet regimes calorie shifting diet does not make you monitor or reduce the amount of calories you induce per day. You should also note that when you are dieting the reduction of calories in your body reduces the metabolism in your body system to burn fat. Calorie shifting defeats the metabolism cycle by tricking it, instead of inducing 1600 calories per day, you cycle the calories you take by inducing low and high calories e.g. 1200 (low) and 1800 (high), this also known as calorie cycle.

The method of calorie shifting is very simple and easy to follow. There are plenty of diets you can use to cheat the day. The good part of calorie shifting is that it allows you to eat as much food of the four groups until you a satisfied but you should not eat until you too full. There are simple basic rules you should follow and I have outlined a few below;

The duration of the diet is for a period of 11 days and consists of 4 meals. The calories you induce should be shifting from one meal to another and from day to day.
You should only eat foods from the four major groups thorough the day. So please not that with this diet plan it edges you to prepare your own meals rather than buying junk food like donuts and hamburgers.

  • You are able to eat as much food as you like until you are completely satisfied but you should not reach to a point when you are too full.
  • You should eat only four meals per day and there is no predetermined order on how you should take your meals.
  • You should make sure that each meal has to be induced after 2.5 to 3 hrs per every meal throughout the day.
  • You should drink at least 10 glasses of water per day. Water is very much important for our well being. It helps to flush toxins from our body and many more.

This diet strongly recommends you to take a three days break so as to make your body rest due to the rapid weight loss it will be experiencing. During this break you are allowed to eat anything but you should not eat until you full.

If these steps are followed properly you will definitely observe great results. After your 11 day period you should be able to observe a high weight loss and normally with this diet you can lose up to 9 pounds within eleven days. To some people the calorie shifting diet may be seem to be of no use because they would not have tried it yet.

I recommend that if you are thinking of losing weight why not try out the calorie shifting and see the results for you than to be told by a friend or someone. So start considering the calorie shifting to lose weight today!

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