This diet has become so popular and it has taken many peoples interest and attention. This theory has nothing new at all, athletes and body builders have been using it for years and the term they use is “zigzag diet” or “calorie cycling”.

Bodybuilders make use of it so as to lose weight they twist the calorie shifting theory in order for them to lose weight. In this theory all that is needed for you in order to lose weight is to shift the amount of calories that you induce per day. It does not recommend you to consume any type of food or do any particular exercise or limit yourself to anything. There is also a cheat day were you can take a break and eat what ever you feel like.

The calorie shifting theory allows us to take control of our metabolism. Metabolism is the breakdown, absorption and burning of nutrients in our body. The calorie shifting diet makes our metabolism act like crazy. In this diet our metabolism will listen to the foods that we consume and it will act according to the food that you will consume today. Basically the calorie shifting theory deals with our metabolism indirectly. With a bit of change in the calories we induce we can make our metabolism act like crazy and the result will be rapid weight lose.

This theory has taken the world by storm because it’s healthier than compared to other diet regimes available. With this theory you are able to eat more calories than compared to other diets and you will still lose weight rapidly.

The important factor about this diet is that it does not give you a predetermined order on how you should eat your meals. You are able to have your meals in any order and it recommends you to have 4 meals per day. These meals have to be consumed after every 2-3 hrs per day and you should eat until you are satisfied. You are able to eat as much food as you wish from the four food diet groups. The requirement is for you to group your calories together in a pattern so that it becomes helpful for rapid fat loss.

You do not have to deal with social worries nor do you have to tell everyone that you are on a diet. With the calorie shifting method you can eat what ever you like so generally nobody will know. There is no restriction at all to what you should eat.

The calorie shifting diet has actually made several people achieve their great goal in losing weight. There are several calorie shifting diets that are available and you are able to get this online via several websites on calorie shifting diet. This type of diet has actually drawn many peoples’ attention and it is quite flexible due to the fact that you do not have to limit your food intake, you also don’t have to starve or restrict yourself to the foods you induce.

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