Mix these two words and what you get - the most recent and scientific way to lose weight. Calorie shifting is becoming very much popular method of weight loss. What makes it different from the old methods of dieting and remaining on low calorie is that you go against them and are free to eat as much food you want. Calorie shifting diet plan will make you slimmer much faster than all the existing forms of weight loss. This article will give you an inside look into the calorie and how shifting is done.

Calorie and shifting is carried out by having 4 major meals a day. You have to shift the order by the process you eat them. The thing you should check that the calorie values from each of these meals is different from each other. Drinking 2 ½ to 3 liters of water daily is recommended in a calorie shifting diet plan to wash out any toxin that may generate during the process of calorie shifting. Now this may seem a tough job, but it is rather uncomplicated when you will try it for yourself. With calorie shifting diet plan, it is not how much you are eating, but the technique of dieting which counts.

When you adopt this method of weight loss, you will see the difference just after the first cycle of 11 days. You can lose up to 9 pounds depending how well you can manage the calorie shifting method. The shifting of different menus and their calorie values is the main characteristic of this diet plan. If you go through several calorie shifting lessons, you may not find the basic principle in which this plan is working. Rather, most of them will discuss the theory behind the diet plan.

When you continue to mix calorie and shifting in days together, you will be able to fool your system as to how much calorie should be burnt. As your body is already accustomed to a fixed amount of calorie you were eating previously, it tries hard to familiarize itself to the changing calorie value which it can’t do. This is turn increases the metabolic process and fat is burnt leading to weight loss.

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