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In a calorie shifting diet plan, we are playing a trick. It is a trick to fool our body is that we are not starving. Subsequently, our body will raise the metabolic procedure to burn more calories. Most of these calories come from fat as fat is the highest source of energy.

It is, by far, the easiest way to lose weight. You are not required to do any vigorous exercises (although couple of minutes of brisk walking and light aerobic exercises once in a while is recommended). You can take four major meals a day. Your body will be given different types of calories each day which confuses your metabolism and forces FASTER fat loss to happen. It's really possible to change your body over the NEXT 11 DAYS.

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Calorie shift diet is making a lot of buzz these days. It is a revolutionary approach towards successful weight loss. It involves our own system of metabolism to continue the comprehensive reduction in weight. Earlier, it was told that we need to control our diet drastically. Even some of the regimen would advocate for starvation. But these theories are things of the past now. This novel diet regimen does not require any kind of dieting; neither has it recommended any vigorous exercise program. In this calorie shift diet review, we shall try to understand how it works.

While we are starving or reducing the amount of food we take, all the metabolic processes go on at a slower pace. Our diet is comprised of different types of carbohydrates, fat, protein, minerals and vitamins. All these nutrients are much needed to build our body. In case of starvation, the calorie burning process also becomes slow. As fat gives us the major portion of energy, burning of fat becomes severely affected.

In calorie shift diet plan, we try to deceive this metabolic process. First of all, we have to build a baseline calorie value. Our system will recognize it. Then we have to increase the amount of calorie intake for 2-3 days. The system will intervene soon identifying it as a high calorie state for our body. All the metabolic process will speed up and there will be increased fat burning. Just after these, we have to reduce the amount of calorie intake for 5-6 days. As our body cannot slow down its mechanism so quickly, the process of calorie burning goes on. Thus we can make a huge reduction in weight.

In a calorie shift, we don’t require to cut down our diet. We are free to take any kind of food that we may desire. We have to take four major meals a day, but only thing we have to remember that the amount of calorie from each meal should be different.

The concept of calorie shift really works. You will find thousands of calorie shift diet reviews both in the online and offline form. The decision you can make afterwards.

What is Calorie Shifting Dieting Plan?

Are you a lazy guy and searching for some kind of weight loss method to shed those extra pounds that you have gained after years of overeating? And you don’t want to curtail your food intake, neither want to sweat yourself in a multi-gym? You need not to go any further; calorie shifting dieting plan is here for your rescue.
Have you seen people who are extremely lean and thin, still they can eat much more than you do. This is because the metabolic processes in their system are more active. Their system can burn more fat than yours. This equation is applicable in calorie shifting dieting plan as well.

Let me clarify. When you cut down your food intake, the metabolic systems within go on a ‘fasting mode’. All of them are slowed down to reduce the calorie burning and to preserve it, if needed in future. If you take more food than normal, this system gets charged. They act in such a way to burn the extra amount of calories in order to maintain normal homeostatic status.

In calorie shifting dieting plan, firstly you make a baseline for your daily calorie intake. Your body gets accustomed to it. Then you shift the gear and increase the amount of calorie taken and there is burning of extra calories. All the nutrients – fats, carbohydrates and proteins comes under hammer and they are destroyed. As fat is the main source of energy, it is burnt more than others. Suddenly you change your plan. Down-shift your food intake and return back to normal level. Your body will not judge this rapid change and continue to burn calories at higher pace.

Four major meals in a day are recommended in calorie shifting dieting plan. In addition, you are free to take tea, coffee and snacks as per your choice. But one thing you must remember – the calorie value from all these meals should be different from each other. Your diet should include foods from all food groups. Fiber rich foods and low fat items are recommended.

Calorie shifting dieting plan is a unique and dependable method for losing weight. Millions of satisfied people have given their testimonials. You can join the group.

Can you imagine a healthy and well planned diet regimen will help you to lose weight? No, I am not telling you to cut down your diet; instead I am encouraging you to increase your daily food intake. Sounds funny? No my friend, calorie shifting cycling metabolism diet plan does exactly the same.
This diet plan may be a newcomer in the weight loss arena, but it has totally changed the orthodox view of shedding your extra pounds. You will be losing weight even if you continue to take those foods you always crave for. This calorie shifting cycling metabolism diet plan plays a trick to our own normal physiological metabolic process.

In normal homeostatic condition of our body, the system calculates the amount of calorie we are getting from our daily diet. When we eat more, the system increases the calorie burning process to maintain the homeostasis. When we cut down our food intake, the system also goes on a ‘starvation mode’ and all the metabolic reactions are slowed down. This also accounts in a conventional weight loss diet regimen, you will notice there is a plateau phase in the weight loss curve after a couple of weeks of dieting.

In calorie shifting cycling metabolism, you will set the baseline for food intake by taking almost same amount of food for couple of weeks. Then you have to increase the amount if food. Your body will recognize it as over calorie state and charge up its metabolic processes to augment the calorie burning. As fat is the major source of energy in our body, it will burn more. Now, you will decrease the amount of calorie and return to the baseline for 5-6 days. Your system cannot change its mechanisms so fast and continue to burn fat at that high rate. Thus an effective reduction in weight is achieved.

Four major meals a day are advocated in calorie shifting cycling metabolism diet plan. You will cycle the amount of calorie in each of these four meals. Shifting calorie will not allow your system to recognize the exact amount of calorie required for you. You can continue this calorie cycling method for the time as you need to lose weight.

Calorie shifting cycling metabolism is the most scientific way to lose weight till date. Now it’s your turn to look slim.

Calorie shifting weight loss is the latest talk of the town. It is tried hard by the major companies in the weight loss industry to suppress the sensational success of calorie shifting. Weight loss industry is a big market. About 80 billion US dollars are being spent each year for buying weight loss pills, diet supplements, diet protocols, exercise programs and multi-gyms. But if a diet plan is invented which is so powerful that it can change the whole scenario of the available weight loss regimens? Yes, calorie shifting weight loss is a newer approach that does not depend upon any dieting or any exercise. You can shed your extra pounds even when you eat all those delicious foods you like.

Let me explain the fact a bit. All the former weight loss programs were either based upon extensive dieting or a crash course on workouts. You were being told to ‘cut down your food to lose weight’. But in reality, you may not observe significant reduction in your weight. This is because; when you cut down your food intake the body goes into a ‘starvation mode’. It slows down all its metabolic processes and the burning of calories. Thus burning of fat is also reduced.

In calorie shifting weight loss, you will have to do exactly opposite. You can go on eating and your body will identify that your calorie intake is much higher than you actually require. Then the system automatically increases all the calorie burning processes. As fat contains more calories than carbohydrate and protein (about 2 times more in the same quantity), more amount of fat are being used. Thus creates a state where you are losing weight but not have to cut down any food.

In calorie shifting weight loss, you will be taking four different major meals a day. All these meals should comprise of different calorie values. This is because you will be trying not to understand your system how much calorie you need while on this diet plan.

You can reduce your weight as long as you wish by adopting calorie shifting weight loss. Try it and see the difference.

Calorie Shifting: Does It Work

Yes, now it is here. The most convenient approach towards successful weight loss, calorie shift diet, is gaining momentum nowadays. The theory of calorie shifting says you will lose weight, but don’t have to do any kind of diet controlling or vigorous exercises. But calorie shifting, does it work as promised? Let us discuss.
Calorie shifting diet tells us to continuously change the food what we are having in our diet. We can take any kind of food as per our choice and taste, but all these foods should come from separate food groups in the food pyramid.

The chemical process by which energy (ATP) is produced in our body from different sources is called ‘oxidative phosphorylation’. When you cut down your food intake, as scientists have discovered, the physiological system of your body reduces all the metabolic reactions. Thus, the normal calorie burning mechanism also gets hampered. As fat is the richest source of energy, the fat burning chain is hampered most. Thus, after a certain time, you may observe a horizontal graph when you go on conventional dieting regimen.

In calorie shifting diet plan, you are fooling this normal process. First of all, you have to take similar amount of calories for a week or so. Your system will recognize it as a baseline calorie. Then you have to up-shift (increase) your calorie intake for 2-3 days. Suddenly your body will be flooded with calories. It then amplify all the necessary mechanisms available to burn the calories. After that, you will again be back to the normal level. Your body cannot change its mechanisms so quickly and continue to burn calories in the previous overcharged mode.

You can take four meals a day, besides those occasional snacks and tea. Alcohol should be avoided as it gives only dry calorie. Plenty of water has to be taken during the calorie shift diet plan.

Regular exercise is not necessary. You can take occasional morning or evening walk as you can squeeze your time.
Now, as you have completed reading this page, I am sure you don’t have any queries like ‘Calorie shifting, does it work’? Please don’t waste any more time. Make your mind and jump into the fleet of millions of successful beneficiaries.

All the available weight loss protocols are worthless. Yes, the most effective method of weight reduction is here. Calorie shifting may be the newest method in this field, but it has gained a lot of attention from all walks of people and from people around the world. Calorie shifting can cause effective fat burn. No need to calculate the intake of calories daily, no need to reduce the amount gradually. Calorie shifting practically advocates intake of more calories. How it works? Let’s find out.

As long as you are taking a certain amount of food to run your bodily functions normally, your body uses fat and other nutrients (carb, protein and vitamins) as the source of energy. It does so to maintain a healthy balance between the energy taken and the energy debited. According to conventional weight loss regimen, when you take less amount of food, the energy burning procedure starts going slow. The metabolic processes of your body work at a lower rate than it would do normally. This happens due to storage of energy for probable future requirement. Therefore, when you adopt the technique of dieting, you observe a plateau phase in your weight loss curve. No matter how much you curtail food intake, your body will not respond by reducing weight.

Here lies the mechanism of calorie shifting fat burn technique. Here you don’t have to curtain food intake, rather you should increase the amount of food you are used to take normally (up-shifting). As you do so, your body percepts this as a higher calorie state and gears up its mechanism of energy burning. Suddenly, when you reduce the intake and return to the baseline (down-shifting), your body cannot accept this rapid change and continues to burn fat. Thus you play a trick to your own body for effective fat burning.

You will take four meals a day besides occasional snacks, tea or coffee. Drinking plenty of water is advised as it will flush out toxins. Your diet should contain foods from all the categories of food pyramid and the total amount of calories from each meal should be different.

Calorie shifting fat burn procedure is an effective weight loss technique and you can continue it as long as you achieve your target weight.

Calorie Shift Diet Review

Calorie shift diet is being successfully used by millions of people around the world. It is a safe and easy method for weight loss. There is nothing fancy in calorie shift diet plan. It works by modifying the normal physiology of our system. In this calorie shift diet review, we shall discuss about this new concept.

Does calorie shift diet really works or is it just another fad diet protocol? Most of the people who have undertaken this diet plan will answer yes. Actually the degree of weight loss varies from subject to subject. It may not offer overwhelming response to a morbidly obese person or if anybody is trying to build muscles. But if you are trying hard to shed those 10-12 extra pounds, calorie shift diet should be your choice.

Calorie shift diet works by playing a trick to our own metabolic processes. When you are on a same calorie diet for a while, your body acknowledges it as a baseline calorie level. In this particular diet plan, you have to up-shift the calorie intake (increase the amount from baseline) for 2-3 days. At this time, your body will take it as a high calorie state and speeds up all the metabolic processes in the body. Now you will have to down-shift the calorie intake (reduce the amount from baseline) for 5-6 days. Your body will not be able to consider this change so quickly and go on burning fat and other nutrients at the higher pace. You can continue this up-shift and down-shifting for as long as you achieve your target weight.

In calorie shift diet plan, you need to cut down any food. Neither you will be required doing any kind of vigorous exercises. Only brisk walking and light jogging once in a while would suffice. This is, by far, the easiest program for weight loss invented till date. You can have all your favorite food, but these should come from all the food groups.

As you will be asked to take four major meals a day, you will not feel hungry unlike those diet control programs. You will continue to lose weight without any bodily damage.

I hope you have become much enlightened by this calorie shift diet review. I would like to request you to take this plan for a couple of months and see the difference.

Calorie shifting diet is the latest craze in weight loss. It is a fast and effective way to shed some extra pounds that you don’t require. Earlier, we were told to exercise a lot and cut down our diet so much that was enough to reach at the state of starvation. But things have changed and changed for good.

Calorie shift diet plan works by continuously changing what we eat in our daily mealtime. Thus we ‘fool’ our own metabolic process that we are not starving and it continuously burn fat at a higher rate. In other conventional diet plan, as the metabolic process slows down, we see a gradual reduction in the rate of weight loss. Calorie shift diet prevents this to occur.

As the name suggests calorie shift diet requires modification in what we eat, it does not warrant any kind of exercises. Nevertheless, occasional brisk walking or light jogging always helps in effective and constant reduction of weight.

You don’t have to cook any special dish for a calorie shift diet plan. Neither will you require installing special home appliances for the same. What you cook in regular life is more than sufficient. Moreover, you can enjoy those delicious burgers and pastries once in a while. All in all, you are free to eat what you like.

When you set the baseline calorie value for your daily requirement, you are ready to take this calorie shift diet regimen. You will increase the amount of calorie from the baseline for 2-3 days. This will trigger the fat and other calorie burning mechanisms in our body as our system considers it as a high calorie state. Now, you will be required to decrease the amount from the baseline for 5-6 days. The reduction should not be more than 400-500 calorie a day. As you rapidly decrease the calorie intake, your body cannot realize this brisk alteration. It thinks that you are still on high calorie diet and continues burning fat at much higher rate. This is the mechanism by which we play a trick with our own body for good.

Million of people around the world have undertaken this calorie shift diet regimen. More than 95% satisfied clients have their own testimonial. Do you like to write your own?

Calorie Shift Diet – How Does It Work

Calorie shift diet is a recent innovative approach towards weight loss. It contradicts what was preached by earlier weight loss diets, i.e. ‘eat less to lose weight’. In a calorie shift diet, you are free to eat whatever you want. But here we are carefully ordering our meals in such a way that we are definitely going to lose weight.

Obesity has become an epidemic all through the world. In a recent study, it was seen that about 80 million people in the world are so obese that they require some kind of support from other people to lead their normal life. Obesity is the root cause of many diseases – high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart attack, cerebral stroke, arthritis, to name a few. Therefore, it is essential for us to remain in the ideal weight group specific for our age and sex.

Earlier, we used to cut down our food intake to shed some weight. Some of the weight loss protocol even told us either to starve or cut down the intake of fat and carbohydrate significantly. But have you ever thought that whether it is really necessary to cut down these foods? Fat, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals – all are essential nutrients. They are required by our body to promote health.

In calorie shift diet, you are not advocated to reduce any kind of food. See, when you go on starvation, the normal system of your body slows down all the metabolic processes to save energy. As fat is the richest source of energy, burning of fat is highly affected and you can’t lose weight properly. The method of calorie shifting diet is to ‘fool’ this system.

First you have to set a baseline calorie limit according to your regular necessity. You will then be required to eat as many amount of food for 2-3 days. Your body will think that you are having more calorie and the metabolic process of fat and other calorie burning will be augmented. Now, you will cut down (down shift) the amount of calorie for 5-6 days. As the process of metabolism is already set at a high pace, you will eventually burn more amount of fat than conventional methods.

There are millions of satisfied persons around the world who have undertaken calorie shift diet with success. Now it’s your turn to become healthy.

Obesity has become the most killer disease throughout the world. It does not kill patients directly, but the consequences of obesity are our main concern. Obesity is the predisposing factor for high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, anxiety and depression, hormonal dysfunction besides many others. Therefore, weight loss program is one of the popular issues under discussion. Most of the weight loss program depends upon exercise and diet restriction. Some of the regimens even tell you to starve as long as you are on the weight loss protocol. But, scientists have recently discovered that you don’t really have to starve. Rather you can have all the foods you want. The technique is called ‘calorie shifting’.

The method of calorie shifting depends upon changing the amount of calories that you get from foods. When you cut down the amount of foods, your body can recognize it and slows down all the metabolic processes. Thus loss of calorie also decelerates and fat starts accumulating. This is a normal phenomenon. In calorie shifting regimen, you try to ‘fool’ this process of recognition. When you are changing the amount of calorie you are taking, your system realizes that you are not in a hungry state. Thus the progression of calorie burning goes on. As fat is the main source of energy in our body than carbohydrate and protein, burning of fat is more. Thus you lose weight.

First of all, you need to set up a baseline that you will require to maintain your daily works. Suppose you set the limit to 2500 calorie a day. Your body familiarizes all its systems to this amount of calorie. In calorie shifting diet, you will be required to up-shift the amount for 2-3 days and again down-shift it for consecutive 3-4 days.Your body will not quickly accustom itself to this constantly changing calorie. It will think that you are having much calorie than your required amount and the fat burning goes on.

Calorie shifting is, by far, the easiest and most scientific way to lose weight. You are not required to engage in any kind of vigorous exercises; neither will you lose those delicious foods. Only thing you require is foods from different groups and to calculate and vary the amount of calorie you are taking.

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