You want to lose weight and not sure which ship you have to board? You have tried several weight loss regimens and still searching for the effective diet protocol? Well, my friend, your quest stops here. You are in good hands and eventually you will know the goodness of calorie shift diet. No need to watch what you eat or working out in the multi-gym. These days are gone.

Do you have imagination power? Well, get a mirror and look at your outfit. Then close your eyes and try to imagine you a lot slimmer after couple of days. How about 9 pounds in 11 days? Sounds cool? Then you must peek at this new way of losing weight. Oh, I forgot to mention, we are not offering any cash in case you require a whole new wardrobe after a month.

Calorie Shifting Diet Plan is a Safe, All Scientific Way to Lose Weight

Calorie shifting diet plan is extremely easy to handle. There is nothing better to lose weight in such a comprehensive way. Anyone can use it. Calorie shift diet is perfectly alright for your kids and for your aged parents as well. No other weight loss protocol will guarantee such a huge reduction of weight, within such a short period. You can lose up to 9 pounds in just 11 days.

Millions of people around the world have adopted this regimen already and more than 95% of them given positive testimonials. It has been seen that average weight loss among these people was 7-10 pounds. The reasons for this shortfall were also identified. Either they were purely impractical towards how much weight reduction they have to achieve in these initial days or they were not stringent to the diet guidelines presented to them.

The fundamental theory of calorie shifting diet plan

  1. You will be required to eat 4 meals daily for 11 days in a row. Occasional tea and snacks are allowed.
  2. The calorie shift diet generator will give you 11 days meal plan, 4 meals in a day. It will be customized according to your choice of foods. The online diet generator generates both the vegetarians and the non-vegetarians diets.
  3. You can take 3 day break after initial 11 days. You are free to have any amount of foods in these break period.
  4. No exercise or any special meal is required. You will lose weight while eating the foods you prepare normally in your kitchen.

Why the Calorie Shifting Method is Completely Different from Conventional Weight Loss Regimen

Now, let us know in detail how calorie shifting works on your body. Here you play a trick to you own system. Do you know how our body acts to the calories? When we eat food, it gets absorbed from the GI system and carried to the liver for metabolism. Several enzymes act on the foods and break down the calories. Our body utilizes these calories and uses them as energy source. When we eat less, our body goes into a ‘starvation mode’. All these metabolic processes are also slowed down and calories are stored in various organs to be used in future. This is the reason most of the conventional weight loss regimen fail. In any low calorie regimen, you will notice a plateau phase in weight loss after a couple of weeks.

Calorie shifting attacks this basic principle of our system. First of all, you will be required to set a basic level of daily requirement of calories. Then you increase the calorie intake for 2-3 days (up-shift). Your body calculates the total amount and finds that you are flooded with calories. It then gears up all its metabolic processes and starts burning the calories at a much higher pace. As fat is the main source of energy (fat carries twice the amount of calories than carbohydrate or protein), burning of fat occur more. It is the time to play the trick. Suddenly you will reduce the calorie intake to the normal level you were having earlier (down-shift). Your body cannot rapidly changes it’s functioning and continues to burn calories at the supercharged mode. By shifting the calorie intake only, you are losing weight. You can carry on this cycle of calorie shifting diet as long as you are not satisfied with your weight; no plateau phase comes here as you are not on a low calorie diet.

More than 95% of the conventional low carb, low calorie and low fat weight loss diet regimen fail because as you go down to 1200 calories in a day or less, your body starts defending itself from the undernourished state by storing calories. And those pre-packed meal plans will not work if you go outside from your address.
Calorie shifting plan, on the contrary, incorporates the normal foods you used to take at your place daily. Nothing vanity with the food items and you will easily find them at your local grocery shop. You will be provided with a diet handbook where you will find the principles of dieting and many others.

What Is In The Box ?

Calorie shift diet plan comes to you with two marvelous tools to help you in getting the right meal plan. It is a ‘Diet handbook’ and an ‘Online Diet Generator’.

Diet Handbook: In the handbook you will find the rational ways to proper dieting, why low carb, low calorie diets fail to produce effective reduction of weight, which exercises will not help you to lose weight properly, how to dine at a restaurant and fast food joints, the way of eating in a late night party, which vegetables and grocery items are good for your health, which foods you must avoid as crawling insects and may others. You will become a diet guru on your own. All these facts are penned down in an easier way that your school going child will also understand.

Online Diet Generator: - This is the key tool for calorie shifting diet. The online diet generator will produce meals depending upon your choice of foods and is custom-made for calorie shifting. As you press the generator button, 11 day’s meal plan will be just in front of you – 4 meals a day. You can choose from an array of foods that are mentioned in this online tool. What is more appealing that we have taken care of both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian taste buds. If you get bored with the meal plan, just click the button once more. You will get a while new meal plan. And yes, it is again for 11 days, 4 meals a day.

Beyond Calories: - If you choose to calorie shifting meal now, you will get ‘Beyond Calories’ for free, an audio-visual CD that explains ‘how to lose more weight even you increase the daily intake of food’. There are some dietary tips and tricks that you can assimilate in your daily routing even when you stop calorie shifting meal, of course after achieving your goal.

What Is NOT a Calorie Shifting Diet Plan

Till now, we have discussed about what is a calorie shifting diet. Now, we shall see what makes to totally different from other orthodox diet plan. Let us discuss what is NOT a calorie shifting meal plan.

Low Calorie Diet Plan
As I have mentioned earlier, a low calorie diet will eventually fail to produce effective weight loss when you go beyond 1200 calories a day. Calorie shifting diet is not following this principle. It does not advocate cutting done food intake. Rather it allows you to increase the amount of food you were taking earlier.

Low Fat Diet Plan
Low fat diet plans are quite similar to the low fat diet. Have you ever tasted the toned milk? Does not it taste sweeter than regular milk? This is because more sugar is added to the milk to give it a better taste. Low fat diet plan will give you more calories. Only reduction of fat will not help.

Low Carb Diet
Low carbohydrate diet plans were producing good results in the past. But people have given up this plan way ahead achieving their target weight. This is because low carbohydrate will give you less calorie and eventually you will feel exhausted very soon. You will not be able to produce quality works at your workplace, you will be tired all the day and anxiety and depression will surround you all the time. Whoever on earth will follow such type of meal plan?

Pre-packed Meal Plan
It is not the diet plan where pre-packed meals reach at your doorstep. These plans also based upon low calorie principle and will eventually fail. What will be the fate of your weight loss protocol when you are vacationing? There is no food for weight loss! Moreover, these foods are coming to you as pre-cooked form. You are required to put them in micro oven only. God knows how they maintain their hygiene in the base kitchen. You will cook your meal on your own in calorie shifting plan. As I have told you earlier, there is no special technique. You will cook all the foods you were cooking earlier.

No Exercises Required

No exercises are required. There is absolutely no need to sweat your body in a multi-gym. Although, calorie shifting does not warrant any kind of exercise; it is always better to exercise regularly. It is good to your heart, lungs and brain.

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose The Calorie Shifting Diet Plan

  1. Extremely user friendly – It’s easy to prepare the foods at the comfort of your own kitchen.
  2. Applicable for everybody – calorie shifting diet plan can be used by every age group. As the rate of child obesity is increasing day by day, there should have been a tool to counter this menace. Now you won’t have any problem to shape your child. It can be adopted by the older age group also.
  3. No side-effects – I shouldn’t have mentioned this point. Did it ever struck in your mind that normal food can leave some side effect to your body?
  4. It’s cheap – if you order now, you will get a 50% discount for a lifetime access to the online diet generator. What’s more, you will get a ‘Diet Handbook’ and a ‘Beyond calorie’ CD with this package. No hidden cost.
  5. High protein diet makes it easy – high protein diet is a proved way to effective weight loss. No matter the plan you are adopting, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, your plan is tailor made with high protein meals.
  6. Not a “temporary” diet – weight loss in calorie shifting meal plan is permanent. It is not like other plans where you will start gaining weight as soon as you stop the regimen.
  7. Faster way – calorie shifting is a fast way to lose weight. Didn’t I mention 9 pounds in 11 days?
  8. You are at ease – online diet generator will show you the meal plans just after clicking a button. You can get it sitting right over your couch. No need to go outside for exercise or waiting for the delivery boy to bring the pre-packed meals.
  9. Never feel hungry – you will never feel hungry. Whoever on earth will feel hungry when you are taking four meals a day and snacks as per your choice?
  10. Perpetual tool – you have access to the online diet generator for your entire life. It’s one time pay and forget.


In a nutshell, calorie shifting diet plan is an easy to use, widely accepted permanent weight loss protocol that you would love to adhere. The online diet generator will give you a wide variety of meal plans regardless whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Children, adult and people from old age group can use the diet regimen without any complication. There is absolutely no need to exercise.

Don’t trust my words. Please go though the numerous testimonials given by the satisfied clients around the world. You may find some of them in your locality. They will tell you that there is no other better alternative available for successful and permanent weight loss at present. You will have lifetime access to the online diet generator and you will be provided with two other priceless books. They will guide you in the quest of successful weight loss in days to come.

So what you are waiting for. Go, grab calorie shift diet and see the difference.

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